Green + Energy Efficiency

Terry Covey Custom Homes is committed to building green, energy efficient homes.  It is environmentally responsible to use building materials, and equipment that decrease your energy consumption.  Some examples would include:

  • Integrating building materials throughout the home that are stated by manufacturers to be durable, sustainable and/or made from recycled materials.
  • Utilizing certified independent raters and inspectors to ensure each Terry Covey Custom Homes has a HERS® rating to help you identify its energy performance.  The HERS® or Home Energy Rating System was developed by RESNET (Residential Energy Service Network) and is a nationally recognized standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured.
  • Achieving a HERS® rating of 70 or lower on each Terry Covey Custom Home is to help ensure conservation of up to 30% or more energy than the HERS® Reference Home.*
  • It is important to continuously look for ways to increase energy savings for each home that we build.

* The HERS® Reference Home is based on 2006 International Energy Conservation Code and has a HERS® rating of 100. HERS® ratings are based on a single test of a plan as designed, not as built. Energy use and savings for actual homes (as built) will vary based on a variety of factors, such as home type, features, usage, orientation, site, utility rates, climate and operation of the home. Please contact Terry Covey Custom Homes for more details.